Beautify Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror


Beautify Beauties Lighted Makeup Mirror Makeup and Vanity Mirror – LED Operated (White) with Detachable 10X Magnifying Mirror

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ROTATABLE, RECTANGULAR MIRROR. This tabletop vanity mirror easily rotates in both vertical and horizontal directions by using the adjustable mirror on the back. Convenient to use while doing your hair and face, the rectangular mirror swivels back, forth and sideways up to 180 degrees.

BUILT IN LED LIGHTS. Furnished with LED lights all around, the mirror can be illuminated for easy and effortless application of your makeup in dimly lit areas. You can adjust the brightness and turn lights on and off using the dual, sensor/touch button at the bottom center.

REMOVABLE ZOOMING MIRROR. For added convenience, the Makeup Mirror includes a zooming mirror with a suction cap. Adjustable and removable, it can be easily fixed and removed from any part of the rectangular mirror.

BETTER MAGNIFICATION. Boasting 10x magnification, the spot mirror allows you to easily see the details you want to focus upon. This enhanced magnification enables you to be hands-free when doing any close-up work on your hair or face.

PORTABLE DESIGN. Lightweight and compact in size, this portable mirror can be placed on any available tabletop or packed in an overnight bag while taking up minimal space. It features a stand for easy and sturdy placement on any flat surface, along with a jewelry and makeup storage section for added convenience.

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